Your Guide To Countertop Edges

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Choosing the material for new kitchen countertops is only one decision that homeowners need to make before having a new slab installed. On top of choosing the right material, it’s important to select an edge style that accentuates both the material and the style of the room.

Take a look at these popular countertop edge profiles and let Everest Stone help you discover which option is going to work best for your kitchen or bathroom.

Eased Edge

Eased edges are among the simplest and friendliest for smaller kitchens or bathrooms, and they work well in rooms with tight corners. The look is similar to that of a square edge, but eased edges are smoother. Not to mention, they can accommodate a variety of different room themes and styles, and eased edges are easy to keep clean.

Beveled Edge

Beveled countertop edges use angles to taper off the counter section. Typically, these edges take a 45-degree angle and slope downward from the edge of the counter, then turn another 45 degrees to drop off at a sharp 90 degrees. The effect creates a small ledge at the end of the countertop.

Mitered Edge

A mitered edge counters have a flat downward slope that extends like a picture frame around the cabinetry it sits on. Mitered countertops have both a top section and a section that adheres to the side of the cabinet. These ends come together at a 45-degree angle to create the frame effect. Because of the unique shape, mitered countertop edges make the countertop slab appear thicker than it is, which is great for modern, luxurious kitchens and bathrooms.

Ogee Edge

Ogee countertops use a soft curve (in the shape of an S) to taper off from the counter slab. Depending on the homeowner’s needs, ogee edges can be made with a dramatic curve or one that’s more subtle. Because of the flexibility of this countertop edge type, ogee edges can accentuate an array of different kitchen styles.

Cove Edge

Cove edges look quite a bit like ogee edges, but instead of an S shape, cove edges look more like a C, which is where they get their name (as natural coves take on this shape). Again, these curves can be dramatic or subtle, and they match numerous styles and themes.

Square Edge

Square edges are similar to eased edges, other than the fact that they have sharper angles for a sleeker look. A square-edged countertop has a sharp drop-off at its edge rather than the soft rolling look of eased edges.

The square edge makes for a more contemporary look, but it’s important to keep in mind that sharper edges may be more vulnerable to chips.

Half-Bullnose Edge

A half-bullnose edge is somewhat of a hybrid between an eased edge and a square edge. The uppermost edge is curved, but the counter edge still has a 90-degree drop at the end of where the edge would be. These are sometimes preferred over the full bullnose because they make cleaning the edges a little easier.

Both half-bullnose and full-bullnose shapes are popular choices for quartz counter edges.

Bullnose Edge

The full bullnose edge curves both the top and bottom edges of the countertop. It’s one of the most popular profile edges for granite countertops. In addition, this look is worth considering for homeowners with children, as the full bullnose removes a lot of the risk associated with children bumping their heads on counter edges.

Customized Edge

Some fabricators move beyond the standard countertop edge profiles and create truly unique edge combinations. For example, some stone countertops shine when they’re given a chiseled edge that showcases the grains and patterns within the material.

In other situations, homeowners might want a double-bullnose profile, an intricate waterfall profile (which features several levels to the countertop’s edge), Dupont edges, straight edges with an extended apron, and more. Apron edges tend to compliment rustic, farmhouse, or even modern kitchen themes.

There are also luxurious cornice edges, elevated mesa edges, and several profile options that hybridize two existing styles.

For more on countertop edge profiles, contact us today. Our experts can walk you through the variety of material options available, and we can help you make informed decisions about which countertop edge is going to meet your needs and fit your unique style as appropriately as possible.