Replace Your Bathroom Countertop

best countertops for your bathroom

Is it time to replace your bathroom countertop? Doing so is a big undertaking, and it can be overwhelming, to say the least. But a new bathroom countertop can save not only the look of your bathroom, but its functionality too.

Here you’ll find a few key signs that it’s time to replace your bathroom countertops and invest in a new look.

Surface damage

The bathroom is one of the most highly frequented rooms in your home, and that means the countertop sees a lot of activity. Sometimes, all that activity can lead to damage on the surface of your countertop—especially if it’s made of a not-so-durable material like laminate, tile, or wood.


There’s no doubt that you’ll find moisture in the bathroom—and a lot of it. But all that moisture, even in a bathroom with good ventilation, can lead to mold growth. Wet conditions, like leaks or plumbing issues, can also attract mold—because mold likes cool, damp, and dark conditions.

If you notice mold under your vanity, it’s likely that it’s gotten inside the countertop as well, and the best solution for that is an all-out replacement to ensure the health and safety of your family.

You’re selling

The bathroom is one of two main places homebuyers concentrate on—the other being the kitchen. If you invest in a countertop replacement for the bathroom, not only will potential buyers see that you’ve put care into the home, but they’ll also have peace of mind knowing that they’d enjoy a brand-new countertop. So, the bathroom countertop costs you put into the replacement will be put right back into your pocket. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment to make.

Ready for an upgrade

Bathroom countertops tend to go in and out of style on a regular basis. So, if you installed something that you loved ten years ago, you might not be so crazy about it now. If you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom’s aesthetics or functionality, it’s definitely time for a bathroom countertop replacement.

One way you can make sure your bathroom doesn’t slip into an outdated look again is by investing in a timeless material. We’re talking about quartz, granite, or marble—not only will these materials last and last, but they also boast aesthetics that stand the test of time.

Need more space

The countertops are the main fixture of your bathroom, and they determine how much space you have to work with. If you’re running out of space, you should consider your countertops first. If they’re taking up too much room, you might need a replacement to move things around.

Time to Replace

The bathroom countertops determine the vibe of your bathroom, so they should be customized exactly to your liking. If you relate to one (or more) of these replacement criteria, Everest Stone can help make a replacement happen. Just get in touch with us to get the process started.